7 Quick Takes Friday

I haven’t really updated on the kids lately, so here you go…

1. T is a very large 5 month old. Like somewhere in the 19 – 20 pound range. Everyone is always talking about percentiles¬†with babies so that puts him in the 75th – 90th percentile range. He still spits up a lot (gross, I know). But D said the other day, “Can you imagine how big he would be if he didn’t spit up so much?”

2. M is learning more words everyday. She literally wakes up with new words. New words tend to get repeated over and over and over. Its adorable and, well, repetitive.

3. T is still on a pretty basic routine. He ¬†wakes up, eats, “plays” and then naps. Morning naps are shorter now and he sleeps between 11 – 13 hours at night. “Playing” includes laying on a blanket, rolling over on a blanket, grabbing his feet, playing in the exersaucer, sitting in the Bumpo and, most importantly, putting his hands in his mouth. Once he has completed all these tasks, it is time for more sleep. It is quite the life.

4. M has handled D being away this week well. I was a bit worried, because “Dat” is her favorite person. Each morning, I wake up to her asking me “Where Dat?” and I explain that he is on a trip. She looks at me, smiles and says, “Where Dat?” If she is not asking for “Dat” she is asking for “Gam-Ma” and likes to make sure I know that “Gam-Ma” is at her “howse.” She is stringing 2 – 3 words together and I’m confident sentences are just around the corner for her. While her language may be slightly behind other kids her age, it is very clear that she is a very smart girl. While helping my mom with baking, M was able to separate all the cashews from a jar of mixed nuts after my mom showed her which ones they were. A little foodie in the making, I say.

5. T started eating solids last week. This is a decision I obsessed over and researched too much. There are about 7,389 different opinions on when babies should start eating solid food. This advice seemed to make the most sense to me and I’m loosely following this suggested schedule. This is probably the same thing I would have decided had I only done a fraction of the research. So, yeah, motherhood can kind of make you a paranoid nut.

6. M has two new favorite dolls, Millie & CiCi. She carries them around the house. They have their own chair at the table. And they are with her during her nap and at bedtime. She used to sleep with a big Dora doll but since Millie & CiCi came along, Dora has literally been put in a corner. Sorry, Dora.

7. Visits with their mom continue to go well. This week is their first two-night visit. Their mom has been overwhelmingly grateful and kind to us. I check in with her via text message while they are away and she usually emails me a summary of the visit after we pick them up. We are enjoying getting to know her and it is nice to see the kids getting more comfortable. From what we can tell, the transition is going well. I do feel a little lost when they are away but this is a transition time for us as well.

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4 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes Friday

  1. So glad to hear an update of the kids. My husband and I are becoming foster parents in the metro Detroit area and are becoming more and more overwhelmed with all of the logistics, procedures, etc. that we are about to deal with. Just a question for you: how do you deal with babysitting? I just learned anyone who takes care of our foster children, our sisters, parents, etc. will have to watch them at OUR house. Is this your experience too? How are you dealing with issues like this? Thanks for any feedback! It’s nice to hear about people in our area going about the process.

    • Great to hear from you. That is not the policy of our agency. Anyone who watches our kids has to have a background check. They fill out a form from our agency. They go to my parents home twice a week and our agency is aware of this. Feel free to email me at prvbs308@gmail.com. I’d love to talk more.

  2. Glad things went OK without “Dat” around. Cute stories. We are praying for you through this transition.

    You are extraordinary.

    And, you can do this.

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