7 Quick Takes Friday

1. The kiddos are headed out for their first overnight visit today. It is a little strange but we are going to take advantage of the free time and hang out with our friends, Rob & Elizabeth tonight. Actually, Elizabeth and I are headed to Café Muse for brunch as well. Whenever I see a free morning on the calendar I think, “Who can I get to go to Café Muse with me?” The food is so good and it is the ultimate girl-time treat. It is also always a bonus when I get to go with someone who hasn’t been before. I’ve already checked out the specials for this week.

2. I’ve had a mental list of names I like for a long time (I’m not the only one who does this, right?). I’ve often joked that we are lucky that our kids come with names because D and I rarely agree.  If it were up to me, we would probably have a group of little hippies (Story, Sunny, Love, Mercy, River, etc.)  I just find it really interesting what people decide to name their kids and why. I’ve been enjoying a new blog: You Can’t Call It “It”. The author posts on different name categories, meanings and even offers name consultation.

3. D is reading Brothers, We are Not Professionals by John Piper. He has been reading me some fantastic quotes from the book, this one in particular was striking (he is speaking to pastors but I think it something we all need to hear):

The issue of racial prejudice and snubbing and suspicion and mistreatment is not a social issue; it is a blood-of-Jesus-issue. When you get the conviction and the courage to say something about it to your people, tell them you are not becoming a social-gospeler but a lover of the blood-bought blessings of the cross of Christ…

It doesn’t matter whether your church is in Mississippi or Minnesota, your people are tinged by racism-to put it softly. Time passes swiftly, memories are long, and we have not come very far in the heart.

Piper gives some examples of horrific post-1960s acts of racism. Then says…

These events are the blood-red tip of a deep, partially subconscious iceberg in American culture. It affects all of us. But few in the majority culture feel it or admit it. That is the privilege of being the majority. Your color and your ways are assumed. Whiteness is not an issue for us, we say, so why should blackness be an issue? We are näive at best.

4. I ditched the book I picked up at the library last week for one my boss lent me that seemed more appealing. I’m Down is a memoir of a white girl growing up in an all black community. It has been a fascinating read so far and, often, really funny as well.

5. I’m also reading Love and Logic Magic for Early Childhood: Practical Parenting from Birth to Six Years. I really love some of the benefits of this method of parenting including giving your child choices and teaching them empathy at an early age. I’m looking forward to discussing this with a group of ladies from church who are also reading along.

6. D and the kids hung out with his mom yesterday and she sent them home with these cute dolls. Grandmas are the best!

7. I’ve been envious of all my friends with cable lately but only because Mad Men: Season 4 starts this week. It will likely not be available until the fall on DVD so I’m going to have avoid all the spoilers until then. D sent me this review of the fourth season and it sound likes Betty only gets crazier.

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  1. I just bought the Love and Logic for under 6! It’s on its way in the mail. I’m glad to hear you’re liking it. And I’m a memoir fiend so I’ll have to check out that one.

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