7 Quick Takes Friday

1. I’m very thankful that God gave me a passion for foster care and adoption (and kids, in general, really). But that said, that passion for me can at some times turn into a total obsession to a point where I can’t think about much else. I sometimes worry that I talk about it too much and that I’m driving people crazy. It also makes me think that anything I read or take in should fall into these categories: foster care, adoption, orphans, attachment issues, trans-racial families or other related topics. My brain sometimes feels like it is going to burst with statistics and I even sometimes find myself browsing photo-listings of waiting children trying to figure out how to put a sibling set of six kids from Arkansas into our house. I’m feeling like I might need a bit of a break from all this information. And thus, the next six takes will be non-child/foster care/adoption related.

2. D and I enjoy watching Last Comic Standing which is usually on for a short time in the summer. We are totally through all the available seasons of Mad Men. We finished The Wire (D’s second time through). Nothing else we really want to watch is out of DVD yet. This really makes it sound like we watch a lot of TV but it is usually limited to an hour to a hour and a half at night after M is in bed and during T’s last feeding (usually around 11pm). I cannot really find anything else we want to watch right now but maybe that just means we should read some books. Last night we ended up watching the ridiculousness that is LeBron James which just made me annoyed and then totally bored.

3. Speaking of reading, I asked for suggestions on Facebook and Twitter. I picked up this one at the library this week but the next two on my list are The Help and The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. I’m excited for some lighter summer reading.

4. D and I have continued to read through the Bible this year as well. I’m about 10-15 days behind in my schedule but I think D has stayed on track with his. I’m giving myself until January 15, 2011 to finish, which I think is fair considering the craziness of our lives this year. Reading through the Bible this way has given me some insight into books I would like to study more in the future, specifically Job.

5. I purchased a mid-century-ish dresser on Craigslist this week for $30. I’m hoping to refinish it with a stain and add new knobs but that depends on the state it is in after I sand it down. If a new stain is not an option, I’ll probably paint it white and it will end up in one of the kids room’s. I’m going to follow the tutorial from Young House Love. And I will definitely be adding some fun liners to the drawers.

6. Last night we headed out to Toys R’ Us to pick up a birthday gift for our favorite, red-headed three year old girl. It was a little challenging for me because I wanted something that wasn’t covered in Disney Princesses.  Seriously, did you know there is a Disney Princess Baseball Bat. That doesn’t even make sense. I’m not completely against this stuff but I really do not like buying it. After I spent some time voicing my anti-Princess thoughts to D, we found something that I think will be a fun summer activity for our niece.

7. And now, a mini-Style Friday:

{1} Something to finish of the bathroom makeover (Red Poppy & Sunshine print) {2} This would look perfect on our bed & show off our Michigan Pride (Wool Felt Michigan pillow) {3} Something to add to the kid’s room (Peace Be Still print) {4} Pretty little things to wear with summer dresses (Carousel Earrings)

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2 thoughts on “7 Quick Takes Friday

  1. Krysta, I am totally with you on the constant thinking about/reading about adoption and race issues. And my mind feels like it is going to explode quite frequently. I have been instructed by Nate many times to read something just for fun, so maybe I will check out the books you mentioned. Also, have you considered watching 30 Rock? Kinda funny.

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